Valentine Blocks – a few more. :)

The Valentine cubes were so popular, I thought I’d make a few other Valentine sets. 🙂

These are all available for $10 each – just shoot me a message if you are interested.  Oh, and remember, I’m always happy to make custom orders – share with me your vision and I’ll work to make it a reality. 🙂 Thanks!

While I continue to try to manage my time as wife/mom/teacher/crafter/etc., I find that I am still falling WAY behind on my dreams of adding “blogger” to my list of job titles.  SOMEDAY I dream of having a website to manage the block orders I have coming in – but until that day, I am using my general email and facebook to communicate with customers.  So…if you have stumbled upon this blog in hopes of finding info about the blocks I sell – I’m sorry there isn’t much information here.  Until that day…if you check out Dandelionpancakes on facebook, you may find more details.  Thanks for your interest. 🙂


(I am in the middle of evaluating my actual product costs + the value of my time in figuring out appropriate prices for my products.  With that being said, I am anticipating a price increase starting Dec 1 of this year – I promise this will NOT be a huge increase.  It is my goal to provide very affordable creations with a personal touch. )

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