We have a WINNER!

As of this moment…October 22 8:52pm… I have reached 104 orders!  Yippee Do!  The 100th order was placed by Nicole D. – who just happened to also place order #s101,102,103 as well.  Thanks, Nicole!  Order #100 will be on me!  🙂

Coming Soon!

A customer’s special order has blossomed into a really fabulous block design especially for GRANDPARENTS!  Be on the look out for an example soon – I am so excited to share this with you!  I’m thinking these will make super Christmas gifts for some hard to buy for people. 🙂

While I continue to try to manage my time as wife/mom/teacher/crafter/etc., I find that I am still falling WAY behind on my dreams of adding “blogger” to my list of job titles.  SOMEDAY I dream of having a website to manage the block orders I have coming in – but until that day, I am using my general email and facebook to communicate with customers.  So…if you have stumbled upon this blog in hopes of finding info about the blocks I sell – I’m sorry there isn’t much information here.  Until that day…if you check out Dandelionpancakes on facebook, you may find more details.  Thanks for your interest. 🙂


(I am in the middle of evaluating my actual product costs + the value of my time in figuring out appropriate prices for my products.  With that being said, I am anticipating a price increase starting Dec 1 of this year – I promise this will NOT be a huge increase.  It is my goal to provide very affordable creations with a personal touch. )

All Good Things…

This part of my devotions felt especially personal to me this evening so I thought I would share…

” Remember that all good tings – your possessions, your family and friends, your health and talents, even your time – are gifts from God.  Thank God for the good things He has given you, but do not cling to them.  Be willing to let go of anything He takes from you, including your plans.  But do not ever let go of His hand.”

—–The LORD gave me what I had, and the LORD has taken it away.  Praise the name of the LORD! —- Job 1:21

(My devotions are from the book Jesus Calling – Devotions for Kids.  This is the book we are supposed to read before each school day.  However, I had not read from it in almost 2 weeks because I was running late or some other excuse.  I MUST remember that all time is a gift from God and I must choose HIM above all other things.)

Blocks Blocks Blocks

They have started coming out my ears…blocks blocks blocks.  I am so NOT complaining, mind you, but I just have not been able to squeeze any time for new blog posts.   I will be desperately trying to get all caught up on current orders over the next few days in an attempt to then start some holiday designs.  And somewhere in there get to work on some homeschool organizing! 🙂  I have such big plans for this blog and I know the day will come when time will allow me to get more creative and share all the ideas I have saved in my head.  HUGS!!!

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