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a few more projects from the past week – been so crazy busy, no time to write on here – hoping to get a bit more caught up on things so I can re-focus some energy here. 🙂



Hello Again!

Oh my friends…where do I begin???  The last 3 weeks have been about as close to crazy and as chaotic as I can manage.  Between the normal managing a home with lots of people in it + homeschooling 5 kids in 5 different grades + keeping 2 toddlers from climbing the walls and escaping out the door, I have ventured into a small business.  What started out as a small post on a local facebook “for sale” type site, has blossomed into what could turn into an actual business.  Last Friday, as in just 1 weeks ago, I posted the following on the “Richardson County Swap & Talk” facebook site

This was the only I had, but I was curious to see if anyone would be willing to pay $10 for it.  I got quite a bit of positive feedback and requests for me to build and sell, so on Saturday morning I listed this

and got even MORE orders!

Fast forward to today…7 days later… and I now have over 50 orders for a variety of different block styles!  My carport is littered with 2X4 blocks in various stages of completion…raw wood…sanded blocks…primed blocks…painted blocks…etc.

Here are a few pictures of other completed projects from this week!

So… in addition to what had been my normal juggling act, I have tossed in another (rather large) ball.  I am so excited about this, though!  I feel like it has been an incredibly long time since I have done something for me – not as a mom or a wife or a church member or whatever…but for me.  It’s a very good feeling. 🙂

I must admit I am not balancing quite well right now…for as I was writing this blog, I discovered the little guys had found a big soup pot and were filling it with Hot Wheel cars in the living room while watching Dora the Explorer.  I guess it could have been worse. 🙂


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