Wednesday – Daddy’s Home! :)

Happy Day!  Jeff decided to come home this morning and be with us for a day before he heads back to work.  For those that don’t know, Jeff works at an ethanol plant that is located about 30  miles away from our home.  Normally, he commute is 35 minutes.  Well, thanks to the flood waters along the mighty Missouri River and the resulting road closings, his commute is now approximately 2 1/2 hours…1 way!  At the same time the roads closed, the guy he carpooled with quit.  So…now we have to shell out about 15 times the amount of gas $$$ we had to before the flooding.  OUCH!  Anyway, he job has a rental house in a neighboring town that they are letting the guys stay over in – which is super great, and we appreciate it so much, but mostly the entire situation stinks.  In order to save some $$$, Jeff is going to start just staying at the house over there on some of his days off and I was prepared for that to start this week, but he decided to come home anyway.  Man, I love that man.  Being home alone with 7 kids all day everyday is a HUGE blessing, but at the same time, it is easy to get stir crazy.  We all just miss him when he’s not with us.  So, today we celebrate the fact that he is with us. 🙂  Of course, he’s been asleep since he got home this morning, but hopefully we’ll get some quality time tomorrow. 🙂


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