Prepositions – Phalanges – Copper Wire…Must be Day 2

Just a quick post for today… I have said “phalanges” more today than any other time in my LIFE, thanks to grade 3 health.  I have repeated the phrase “prepositional phrases must end in a noun” somewhere in the neighborhood of a bazillion times today.  Our first high school science experiment was a total…SUCCESS!  Hooray!  Jeff wasn’t even here to supervise, but we still managed.  We broke down water molecules using copper wire a 9V battery and a baking soda/water solution.  Not high tech, but still…I’m so not a physical science stud, so this was AWESOME! 🙂  I wish I would have taken a picture at the end of the experiment – the water had turned a beautiful shade of turquoise.  Ahhhh – I find science so much more enjoyable as a homeschool mom than I ever did as a regular student.  🙂




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