First Day of School 2011/2012

Where or where did the summer go?  It seems like we just celebrated Easter, had a few miserable hot days, and now it is time to go back to school.  Crazy!  In any event, our first day is underway!  I woke up early (well, early for me anyway) at 6:30 so I would have some uninterrupted computer time.  Jake was up by 7 to start his fitness program on the Wii (EA Active 2) – which is apparently broken.  Ugh.  So instead, he spent some time doing the Wii Fit program.  By the time he was done and in the shower, the rest of the big kids were up.  They all settled in for breakfast and I read our daily devotion.  Then it was off for tooth brushing and hair combing.  We took updated heights & weights and first day pictures.  Now they are all diligently working in their books…well, most of them anyway.  Jeff, Jake & Jack are outside dealing with a pile of branches & limbs from a tree they cut down over the weekend.  Not sure what I will call the time invested in that activity…phys ed?  environmental science? recess?  So that brings us up to this very moment…10:30 am.  No tears…no temper tantrums…I think day 1 is pretty good so far! 🙂


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