Hello Tuesday AND Girls are Like Apples

It’s been a crazy week or so around here.  We spent a lot of time last week getting our ducks in a row for the beginning of our homeschool year which is set to begin next Monday, August 22.   Last Friday, my favorite great uncle passed away.  I think Dale was everybody’s favorite.  He was just that kind of guy.  Anyway, we are preparing to head down to the Branson, MO area for his funeral tomorrow.  We’ll be taking a van full – all of our household + my mom + my gram + my aunt Sherry.  So…the last few days have been busy trying to get everything necessary washed & packed & put away in addition to making arrangements for the dog and paper route (thanks again, BFF Sherry & family!).

Anyway, since I haven’t had the time to craft or create, I thought I’d share a little something I made a few weeks back.  I found this poem on Pinterest (yes, again Pinterest!) and wanted to recreate it in order to print it out sometime.  So here it is…girls are like apples

Feel free to copy it and use as you see fit.  Again, I am not the author or original creator of this poem or its format – I would like to give proper credit and would do so if I could locate the original source.  So, with that being said, please use my version for personal use and do not sell it or attempt to profit from it.  Thanks!

We are leaving about 10am tomorrow and should return sometime Friday evening.  Thanks to friends & family that are helping us by watching the pet & house. 🙂


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