Another Saturday Project

I had to take advantage of hubby being home this weekend and so I finished several projects that had been sort of stuck on the back burner for a while.  This is a favorite of mine.  

Several months ago, I discovered a couple of old windows sitting up against that back of an old shed we have in the back yard.  2 of these windows still had the glass intact!  🙂  I knew I wanted to bring them in and do something fabulous with them, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for sure.  Anyway, I brought the 2 windows inside and cleaned them up – with the help of my 2 littlest monsters who, surprisingly, weren’t much help!  I then put them back outside in the garage for safe keeping.  Yesterday was the day 1 of the windows got to come out of hiding! 🙂  I started out by cutting down some pretty scrapbook paper to act as a matte for the photos I was going to frame in the window.  I centered the 8X10 photo on the scrapbook paper with some double sided tape – I used the same tape to stick the paper & photo onto the glass, and then used some scrap cardboard on the back of the glass to keep everything snug.   Cost of the project =$9.00, but that was for the photos that I had ordered and was going to have to buy frames for.  Now they are framed in a cool, unexpected way AND the frame fits is an odd wall of the living room that really needed a nifty piece.

Now…what to do with that other window???  I’m envisioning it hanging behind the front door with a few hooks installed and being used as a place to hang my purse, diaper bag, Sunday school bag, etc.  Hmmmm…it’ll be another 2 weeks before hubby is home on the weekend.  Perhaps it can be done then. 🙂


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