DIY Cake/Treat Pedestal

While the picture isn’t the best, the actual stands are really cute, super cheap, and easy to make.  I have seen these all over the blog-o-sphere lately as cupcake stands, but I chose to make mine slightly larger.  Here’s the how to.

Start by purchasing little wooden candlestick bases and round discs.  These came from Hobby Lobby – the bases were $2.99 for 6 and the discs were $.99 each.  All were on sale for 40% off.  So the 3 stands I made cost me about $3 and I still have 2 of the little bases left.  You’ll also need spray paint and a good quality glue – I used Krylon paint and E-6000 glue – both of which I already had on hand.  But if you are curious, I think the paint was about $4 and the glue around $2.50.

You will want to start by lightly sanding the wooden discs – especially around the outside edges.  Mine were really rough!  Then paint all your pieces, leaving plenty of dry time between coats – I ended up spraying 4 coats.

Once your pieces have dried thoroughly, it’s time to assemble.  Be creative!  I made 2 stands by just gluing 1 disc on to 1 base.  The third one I made by gluing 2 bases together and then gluing those onto the remaining disc.  I think these are really cute!  I see displaying treats & yummies on them, use on a buffet table to add a little height to your dishes, use as a small plant stand, etc.  I’m sure you can all come up with lots of other uses.  Oh – and totally change them up with a little double sided tape and ribbon.  I think they’d look great stained as well. 🙂  Blessings!


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